Endorsing Societies


American Association for Anatomy

An international community of biomedical researchers and educators, the American Association for Anatomy advances anatomical science through research, education, and professional development.

American Association of Clinical Anatomists

Anatomical Society

Anatomical Society of India

Anatomical Society of Nigeria

Anatomical Society of Southern Africa

Anatomische Gesellschaft

Argentine Association of Clinical Anatomy (AAAC)

Australia and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomy

British Association of Clinical Anatomists (BACA)


We advance the study and research of clinical anatomy, including radiological, surgical and other associated specialities, and anatomical education in the UK.


Brazilian Society of Anatomy

Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences

Czech Anatomical Society

Hungarian Anatomical Society

Indonesian Anatomists Association


Institute of Anatomical Sciences

Italian Society of Anatomy and Histology

Korean Association of Anatomists

Netherlands Anatomical Society

Pan-American Association of Anatomists

Polish Society of Anatomy

Portuguese Anatomical Society

Scientific Medical Society of Anatomists, Histologists and Embryologists

Serbian Anatomical Society

Spanish Anatomical Society

Swiss Society for Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy